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Scott County Statistical Summary
Population 2002
Scott County 35,320
Labor Market Area 648,717
Scott County Income Information
Per Capita Income
Median Household Income
Median Home Price
Total Available Labor 2001
Scott County 4,357
Labor Market Area 84,701
Unemployment Rate 2002
Scott County 4.5
Labor Market Area 4.2
U.S. 5.8
Average Weekly Wage 2001
Scott County $795
Labor Market Area $557
U.S. $851
Kentucky Index, 2001
(U.S. = 100.0)
Labor Cost 92.2
Energy Cost 69.1
Overall Business Cost 89.1
Kentucky has the 7th lowest overall business cost in the nation.
Gross State Product Per Wage, 2001
Kentucky $2.15
U.S. $2.06
Kentucky has the 13th highest gross state product per wage (5% higher than the U.S.).
Industrial Electric Cost Per KWH, 2001
Kentucky $0.03
U.S. $0.05
Kentucky is the lowest cost state for industrial power.

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