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Boards & Committees

Georgetown Renaissance

Kim Marshall
Central Bank
4033 Paris Pike
Phone:(502) 863-2989
Email: kmarshall@centralbank.com

President Elect
Mike Wright
Scott County Court House
P. O. Box 978
Phone:(502) 863-7850

Past President
Dave Roberts
First National Bank
PO Box 520
Phone:(502) 863-0111
Email: davidroberts@kih.net

Debbie Hockensmith
Hockensmith Agency
224 E. Main St.
Phone:(502) 863-1445
Email: debbie@hockensmithagency.com

Chair - ED
Resa Browning
Just the Wright Touch
157 Keelridge Drive
Phone:(502) 867-7724
Email: brainresa@aol.com

Chair - Promotions
John Simpson
Scott County Tourism
PO Box 825
Phone:(502) 863-2547
Email: gtown@mis.net

Chair - Organization
John Toncray
Georgetown/S.C. Museum
229 E. Main St.
Phone:(502) 863-6201
Email: scottmuseum@aol.com

Steve Black
Shelter Insurance
S. Hamilton St

Jack Conner
Chamber of Commerce
160 E. Main St
Phone:(502) 863-5424
Fax: (502) 863-5756
Email: jack@gtown.org

Alex Davenport
Frontier Lending
130 N. Hamilton St
Phone:(502) 863-4300
Fax: (502) 863-4769
Email: frontierlending@aol.com

Jim Durham
Georgetown College
400 E. College St
Phone:(502) 863-8027
Email: jim_durham@georgetowncollege.edu

Steven Gravitt
City of Georgetown
PO Box 677
Phone:(502) 863-9800
Email: cog_steven_gravitt@hotmail.com

Ken Holden
Georgetown Baptist Church
209 S. Hamilton
Phone:(502) 863-2739
Email: reachgbc@hotmail.com

Bob Hopkins
524 E. Main St
Phone:(502) 868-9663
Email: bhopky@aol.com

Jean Lewis
Cravens & Lewis Jewelry
136 E. Main St
Phone:(502) 863-2129
Email: cljewel@bellsouth.net

Terry Maurer
145 S. Hamilton
Phone:(502) 863-6479
Email: jtmakm@aol.com

Rachel Phillips
Planning & Zoning
230 E. Main Street
Phone:(502) 867-3701
Email: gtownplanner@aol.com

Tom Prather
Central Bank
PO Box 340
Phone:(502) 868-5528
Fax: (502) 868-0927
Email: tprather@centralbank.com

Jennifer Roberts
People's Exchange Bank
223 E. Main Street
Phone:(502) 868-8860
Email: jroberts@pebank.com

Joann Sharpe
Georgetown Antique Mall
124 West Main St
Phone:(502) 863-1592
Email: gtantmall@hotmail.com

Doug Smith
Smith Realty
134 E. Main St.
Phone:(502) 863-1733
Email: smithrealty@yahoo.com

Kay Vincent
Bohannon's Books w/ a Past
107 Montgomery Av
Phone:(502) 863-3003
Email: kvin98651@aol.com