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Main Street

Explore Georgetown
Stand on Georgetown’s Main Street and imagine a log stockade surrounded by wilderness. This was what Georgetown looked like in 1775, when John McClelland and his family built a fort overlooking the huge spring discovered in 1774. They left the next year because of Indian attacks. It wasn’t until 1786 that Rev. Elijah Craig founded a town around the spring. Under Craig’s leadership Georgetown became a bustling center of industry and education in the early 1800’s. A few early buildings remain, along with many grand residences and elaborately detailed commercial buildings reflecting Victorian styles of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Spend a morning or afternoon taking a “Walk Through Time” in Georgetown and enjoy a modern Main Street with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

The Main Street walking tour is about 2 miles long and will take several hours at a leisurely pace. There are antique and specialty shops along the route, as well as restaurants.

For More information on Main Street Renaissance contact Darlene Albin at darlene_albin@msn.com.

Sites to See:

  • Historic Scott County Jail
  • Royal Spring Bridge
  • Kelly “Addition”
  • Blue Grass Park “Addition”
  • The “Castles”
  • W. Main Businesses
  • Main and Broadway
  • North on Broadway
  • Scott Co. Courthouse
  • Court Street
  • City Hall
  • Museum/Old Post Office
  • Historic Churches
  • Amen House
  • Row Houses
  • Bungalows
  • St. John Church
  • Warrendale “ Addition”
  • Georgetown College
  • Old Library
  • Barlow Block
  • Royal Spring Park

Text taken from the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Brochure “Walk Through Time”.

Contact them at (888) 863-8600 or www.georgetownky.com

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Darlene Albin
Georgetown Renaissance, Inc.

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