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Public Works

Welcome to the City of Georgetown! Listed below are Residential Waste Collection and Disposal Procedures.

1) Please place your garbage at the curb THE NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled pick up. Collection times for your pick up may vary from week to week. If you are not sure what you scheduled day is, please call and mark you calendar.

Holiday Schedule Changes are listed in the Georgetown News-Graphic newspaper the week prior to the upcoming holiday.

2) What to put out:

a. Containers will be metal or plastic, minimum 10 gallon capacity to a maximum of 32 gallon capacity. All containers will have at least two carrying handles and tight fitting lids. Anything larger will be left.

b. Plastic bags (e.g., diabetic needles). Only heavy duty, securely tied bags. 10 gallon minimum capacity to 32 gallon maximum capacity will be picked up as long as they don’t pose a health risk or nuisance ( e.g., dogs, cats)

c. Not to exceed 50 pounds per bundle. Brush and branches need to be securely tied in 4 ft. long bundles or neatly stacked.

3) Items that need advance notice:

a. Water heaters, furnaces, carpet, furniture, and appliances.


a. construction debris (e.g. lumber, shingles, and dry wall), tires, batteries, car parts

b. Hazardous waste, poisons, liquid paints, oil, cleaning and paint fuel, pesticides, dead animals, feces, or any item that may be considered hazardous.

5) Missed pick ups:

a. Trash that is not out when the driver arrives will be noted on the driver’s route sheet and will not be picked up until the NEXT SCHEDULED REGULAR PICKUP DAY.

b. In case of bad weather, equipment problems, or holidays, service will be caught up as soon as possible beginning with the next available working day.

6) On certain holidays normal trash pickup will be rescheduled. A reminder will be printed in the Georgetown News-Graphic newspaper the week prior to the holiday.

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